Our Values


We always strive to do things in advance and not rely on clients needing to remind us. We aim to identify opportunities and follow them up with our clients so our clients obtain maximum value from their relationship with us.

Excellent client service

We respond promptly to our clients and service them within the expected deadlines. We develop a strong, trusted relationship with our clients whilst providing a good quality product. We always do what we say we will do.

Strong relationships

We build rapport with our clients, our team, and our associates and we can talk business and pleasure with them. We do random check in calls and visits to our clients in order to maintain the strong relationship with them and their employees. Our clients trust us and are not hesitant to contact us and involve us in their decisions. Our clients are also comfortable to discuss any concerns they may have. We believe that a strong relationship always uncovers opportunities.


We work with clients and engage staff who are flexible. We do whatever is needed to be done and we help each other. We are flexible to client needs and will adjust our work as needed. We allow flexibility for our team to deal with important matters during the workday if needed.


Catalyst does not follow a robotic, mindless process whilst completing work. We take a step back from what we do and check that it looks reasonable for the circumstances.

Balance social interaction

We balance our in office need for social interaction with the focus of delivering great outcomes for clients.

Doing the right thing

We are passionate about doing the right thing for our clients and our team. If there are any apparent conflicts we discuss them. The success of our clients and growth of our team is what rewards us most.

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We are located at Suite 5.01, Level 5, 655 Pacific Highway
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